Making My Day

What makes your day?  Here are some of the things making my day during Advent:

  • The pastor who tells me that they’d like to consider a satellite location with a Spanish speaking pastor a couple miles from their primary campus.  Their leaders are praying about it.
  • The pastor who tells me that their congregation is hoping to partner with a developer to construct affordable housing.  They are in deep discernment about it.
  • The elder who tells me that his team of volunteers has several requests to construct and transport shower pods for post-hurricane disaster sites and they are making that happen.  They are praying for additional volunteers.
  • The pastor who gives me a tour of their building which includes showers for the homeless in their neighborhood.  They are in prayer about what they can offer the neighbors next.

I could go on and go.  It’s seriously like Christmas around here. This is what Incarnation looks like.

It’s also true that I have the power to make somebody else’s day, and you do too.  If we can open doors, grant permission, say ‘yes’ then we can help make Incarnation happen too.

Folks are stressed out all around us. Let’s make someone’s day.

Image of Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry (1971)

2 responses to “Making My Day

  1. Kitty Hahn-Campanella

    Jan, shameless brag here. Our Session just voted to donate the christmas Eve offering to the Beth-el Farm worker’s ministry to provide camperships for their children to attend our presbytery’s camp, Cedarkirk. I’m delighted.

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  2. All of these make my heart sing. I like these much more than the fancy Christmas show extravaganza put on by one of the large “nondenominational” churches in our city.


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