You Are My Favorite

My grandmother used to tell each nephew who visited her that he was her favorite.  After she died, I remember them scrambling to figure out who saw her last.

I tell each church that I visit that they are my favorite too.

It’s not that I’m a love-the-one-you’re-with kind of person.  It’s just that I want to give attention to the ones standing right in front of me.  I’m also likely to claim that my favorites are the ones who deserve attention at this very moment.

So yesterday, I made a Merry Christmas video with our staff and I named the six counties in our Presbytery which are each my favorites in their own way.  This is all fine except that there are seven counties in our Presbytery.

And so today and throughout the holidays, my favorite churches are the Montgomery County Churches.  I was just in your midst last weekend!  You each fed me cake in October!  You are loving and creative and wonderful.

You are my favorites.

Merry Christmas to the 98 congregations in our Presbytery of seven (not six) counties.  In all seriousness, one of my favorite things is working for and with all of you.

Image is of some of my other favorite things.  Also, when did the song “My Favorite Things” become a Christmas carol?

2 responses to “You Are My Favorite

  1. When I tell people they’re my favorite, I like to add: “don’t tell the others.”

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  2. Wow, that’s a whole lot of Presbyterian churches.


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