When We Say “The World is Crazy” What Do We Mean?

I hear it almost daily. I hear it in church and in the grocery store, on social media and the radio.  “The world is crazy!”  It’s something most of us – and maybe all of us – can agree on.

But what we mean by “crazy world” varies depending on our politics, the news we ingest,  our theological beliefs, our education levels, our personal experiences.

“The world is crazy.”  Depending on who you believe AOC wants to ban cows, Trump is the head of a Russian crime family, and baby powder causes cancer.  There are daily stories about desperation and violence and enough heartbreak to traumatize the whole world.

Some drown out the craziness with noise or busyness.  Some numb out.  Some troll strangers.  Some pray for help.  Most of us long for peace although peace looks different for different people.

This is a particularly good time to be the Church.  And we need to work on being a better, more faithful Church while we’re at it.  We need to be a Church that sits with each other in the crazy and work for healing and grace for the love of God.

Note: “Crazy” is a catchall word makes some people uncomfortable. I use the word in reference to situations rather than people.


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