Michael Jackson Cancelled?

I have loved dancing to Michael Jackson for the past 49 years.  Is it time to cancel him?

Although there have been rumors of Jackson’s pedophilia for decades, the new HBO documentary offers chilling firsthand interviews about his misconduct. This article says cancelling Michael Jackson is tricky. He’s ubiquitous.  And he’s dead so there’s no possibility of making things right. And he’s certainly not the only celebrity to have a disturbing secret life.

I struggle – as a Christian – with cancelling people.  And I’m talking about Urban Dictionary cancelling here.

But for the longest time, I’ve cancelled famous preachers and theologians whom I know to be sexual predators- often because they’ve assaulted friends of mine. I’ve cancelled politicians who did terrible things even if – once upon a time – I voted for them.  I avoid businesses run by people whose practices have hurt people.

Lots of people have cancelled the NFL, Chick Fil-A, Walmart, Kevin Spacey movies, and anything with the name Trump on it.  But where do we draw the line?

Dissing people and dissing things are different, but is it righteous to be so judge-y?  Or is it merely unforgiving?  I don’t know.

My boycott of something or someone probably doesn’t have much impact but it’s something I might do for me and my own spiritual peace.  Go ahead and listen to R Kelly, but I won’t be joining you on principle.

As we approach Lent, this is something to ponder. At what point do we release someone from the worst things they’ve ever done?  I certainly don’t want to be judged for the worst things I’ve ever done but I suppose it’s possible that someone has cancelled me too.

I’d appreciate your wisdom on these things.  It’s part of the spiritual walk we take together.

Distorted image of Michael Jackson’s album Thriller.

4 responses to “Michael Jackson Cancelled?

  1. Forgive the person, not the action. Not so easy but this is how I feel God works.


  2. I continue to try to eliminated “Hate” from inside me and the use of the world; not too long ago I came across the following quote: Hatred corrodes the container it is carried in.
    Can the same be said for cancelling someone/something. I really do not know, but I do know you are working hard at doing the “right” thing and I admire you for that


  3. My husband and I were having a similar discussion. I said I have a hard time revering “the founders” of this country, particularly Thomas Jefferson, because of the way they treated slaves, and everybody else who wasn’t “educated, landed, and free”. I think they set up a pretty good government, but they were still human and had a multitude of flaws (as do we all). I’m still struggling with all of this…


  4. Where and how we make our stand is a matter of discernment for each individual. We must call out injustice, especially against those who cannot stand for themselves. Mercy is also our calling. They go hand in hand….justice for wrongdoing and mercy for a second chance??

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