The Last of the Hallelujahs (for now)

Christian tradition teaches that we don’t say “hallelujahs” (“praise God“) during Lent.  Lent is more about dust and brokenness and repentance.

But on this last Sunday before Lent begins on Wednesday, I’m feeling fairly praise-ful.  I praise God tonight for experiencing both snow and 60 degree temperatures within a two hour period of time.  (Thank you air travel.)

I praise God for delicious food that’s Whole 30 compliant, for hyacinths and tulips while much of the nation is cold and stormy, and for the gift of Sunday breakfast with uncompliant cheese grits and homemade cinnamon applesauce.

I praise God for good triggers: for smells that remind me of my youth, for seeing a museum doll house exactly like the one I had as a child, for sitting in a sanctuary much like my home church and feeling the presence of those saints who once sat beside me.

Worship this morning included so many Hallelujahs and it was glorious.  And in a couple more days we turn from praise to penance.  And it will be a different kind of beautiful.  My hope is that we will look backwards and forwards and all around us, and we will consider what in this world God made that needs our attention from our own lifestyles to the burdens of others.

But today: Hallelujah!  What a glorious weekend.

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