“Thank You For Having Me”

I listen to a lot of National Public Radio and I’ve noticed that guests often say, “Thank you for having me,” when the interview ends.  It’s an interesting thing to say and I wonder what they mean.

  • Thank you for letting me share my perspective?
  • Thank you for giving me air time?
  • Thank you for including me?
  • Thank you for the invitation?

After a lovely weekend – having been invited to lead two retreats and participate in a colleague’s installation into a new pastoral position – I said, “Thank you for having me,” more than once.  It’s the “having me” that’s strange.

Did they really “have me“?  They welcomed me and they appreciated me, but they didn’t exactly “have me.”  Maybe I’m weary or maybe I’m taking in life and in death we belong to God too seriously.

But I’m grateful that God has me and I’m happy to loan myself out to others.  Have a good week.


10 responses to ““Thank You For Having Me”

  1. Sophie Marshall

    We enjoyed having you with us in Montreat, Jan! I am amazed that after a very, very busy weekend (from Montreat straight to Atlanta and finally back to Charlotte, you had the energy to post this message! I look forward to reading your blogs!


  2. I’ve assumed it is “thank you for having me…..on your show”. (I also listen to much NPR).

    It is interesting that this reply is most often where “you’re welcome” used to be. The guests often say it in response to the host thanking them at the end of the interview.
    One of my kids is more likely to reply with “no problem” when thanked. I appreciate the idea of “it wasn’t a problem and I was glad to do it” that I think is conveyed in “no problem”, but sometimes a “you’re welcome” is nice.
    (Apparently I have opinions on how to respond to “thank you”.)


  3. Colleen Garrett

    Thank you for being with us and sharing your amazing wit and perspective. ❤️ We were happy to have you with us.


  4. I think it may be just a reply that means they don’t have to engage their own brain to say something. Rather like “I’d like to thank you for being here.” I always want to scream “If you’d like to thank me, why don’t you just say it?” I’m often tempted to reply “Well, go ahead and thank me.”


  5. Helen Setser Stanfield

    It was a pleasure meeting you, and hearing your insights. The weekend was a joy. I cannot imagine how funny your sister is, if she’s the funny one in the family.


  6. Funny you’ve noted this, too. When I hear someone on a program say that “Thank you for having me” I always add “. . .on the show”. Guess it’s not just me!


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