There’s No Such Thing as Fake News

“There’s no such thing as ‘fake news.’  It’s either news or it’s fake.  There are no alternative facts.  They’re facts or they’re not.”  Cokie Roberts*

Pontius Pilate famously asked, “What is truth?” at the trial of Jesus.  And it’s an excellent question. We tend to believe that truth is factual.

These are facts: The sun is a star.  It reached 90 degrees in Charlotte yesterday.  DJT is President of the United States.

There are also incomplete facts:  There is a new allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh reported over the weekend by The New York Times.  But the writers omitted that the woman who was allegedly assaulted doesn’t remember the event.  Just because she doesn’t remember doesn’t mean that she wasn’t assaulted.  But it’s important to report all the facts.

There are lies reported as facts: Although the President declared that he was exonerated by The Mueller Report, that was actually not factual according to actual The Mueller Report.

Truth is essential.  Sometimes truth can shift as new facts are revealed.

But this post is about honoring journalists who share the news based on fact-checking.  And I’m talking about real journalists – not television personalities who expound on politics and other world news without benefit of facts and training as a journalist.

I had no idea how much I would miss Cokie Roberts until I heard she has died yesterday from breast cancer complications.  Between the breast cancer – my special enemy – and the fact that she lived 22 fewer years than her mother, it felt especially heavy.  But what a great life.  And now – I trust that she knows what happened to her father long ago.

It’s a fact that Cokie Roberts was a national treasure.  Or at least that’s what I will always believe to be true.

Image of one of Cokie Roberts’ books where she first mentioned being treated for breast cancer.  It was 1998.  Thanks be to God for allowing her to be with us an additional 21 years. *Quote from an interview with Kentucky Educational Television in 2017.

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