This Will Forever Change the Way We Preach, Teach, & Lead

Do you have 4 minutes?  Watch this. (Password: inlighten)

Remember Nooma?  (This is different.)

Scott Galloway is the Founder and Executive Producer of InLighten Films which warms this Presbyterian’s heart because:

  • These short films are based on The Revised Common Lectionary.  (Tip of the hat to Protestant Mainliners.)
  • They are indeed short – 3 to 5 minutes long.
  • They are professionally produced and fresh.
  • They can be used for sermon openings, Sunday School, youth/young adult groups, and Bible studies.

Scott also happens to be a Presbyterian from Davidson, N.C. and he totally gets that without stories it’s very difficult to capture the imagination and hearts of busy 21st Century humans.

Most of our churches – especially our beloved Mainline congregations – need a jolt that reminds us who we are and why we were created.  I believe that these short films might just be that jolt that moves us from tired preaching and teaching to something more spiritually moving. Check them out.

This one is my favorite.

Top image from the InLighten short film Lost and Found based on Luke 15:1-10. Bottom image from the InLighten short film Brunch.

7 responses to “This Will Forever Change the Way We Preach, Teach, & Lead

  1. When I clicked on the link to watch the video it said “password required.”


  2. Password for favorite video?


  3. What Liz said.


  4. Deborah DeMeester

    Is Scott the son of Rev. John?


  5. Wow. I watched the three on Vimeo (Brunch, Greener and Journey to Forgiveness). Brunch is amazing. So convicting. Thank you for sharing this new resource. It’ll preach


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