Don’t Stop Now

I remember receiving a mailing from the Audubon Society years ago with these words screaming in red:  DON’T STOP NOW!

It was the dead of winter and their point was that – if you were feeding birds, keep at it because the birds are used to being nourished by your generosity.  Don’t cut them off at this point,  You could kill them.

And so  – please – DON’T STOP NOW.

  • Don’t stop financially nourishing the non-profits that are serving our communities.
  • Don’t stop looking out for your neighbors.
  • Don’t stop showing the world what the love of God looks like.
  • Don’t stop ordering take-out from Asian Restaurants.
  • Don’t stop praying.

Yes, it’s getting old in this new normal, but we have work to do.  Rest when you must.  Accept help when you need it.  But please don’t stop being the Church.  Not now.

One response to “Don’t Stop Now

  1. Christy Vogelsang

    Love this! Thanks so much! Chris Vogelsang (I got your messages from Nancy Ross-Zimmerman before I started my own subscription.)


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