That Moment When We Burst into Tears

It’s going to happen, friends, sooner or later.

When we’ve hit our limit on alone-time.  When we’ve run out of coffee.  When we’ve realized that ZOOM calls just don’t cut it.  When we can’t remember how many days have passed since we’ve been physically touched by another human being.  (I’m ‘this close’ to adopting a shelter dog but who will walk that duffer if I get sick?)

The moment I broke was yesterday when I went old school and watched First Presbyterian Church Charlotte on Channel 64 at 11 am.  Familiar faces led us in familiar words and I ugly-cried through the whole thing.  First Pres Charlotte (who partnered with First United Pres Charlotte) is one of the few churches able to afford their own television presentation every week. Thanks be to God.

All our congregational leaders are straining to offer online worship, Bible studies, and business meetings.  One of our churches is planning what will essentially be a drive through congregational meeting to elect a new pastor.  Several are inviting members to grab whatever juice and cracker they can find for online communion together.  Another church I love invites everyone to light a candle – each in their own space – during YouTube worship.

Sooner or later, we will burst into tears over this new normal.  New Normal Times are often the points when we weep because a loved one is gone forever or the pain we feel is too much to bear.

And those ugly-cry moments are sacred.  They mark the points when we realize we need something Bigger.  We need each other.  We need something Holy.  We need eternal hope.

To all who offer eternal hope today – thank you.  We need you.  Keep at it.

This post is dedicated to all my colleagues who keep things going during these long weeks.  Please make an online donation or write and mail a check to any church comforting those who weep today. Image of 11am worship with First Presbyterian Church and First United Presbyterian Church on the Fourth Sunday in Lent.

7 responses to “That Moment When We Burst into Tears

  1. i’ve already burst into tears.


  2. A wonderful piece, Peg. Your writing and posting what you create is a meaningful connection to you.


  3. I talked to my Stephen Minister Saturday evening, and she reminded me that Galilee UMC, the parent church of The Chapel at LWVA, would be streaming the 9:00 service yesterday morning. I sat in my recliner here in FL with tears streaming down my face during Jason’s enlightening sermon and the duet of All Is Well with My Soul, the hymn He Leadeth Me (which I had memorized as a teenager in the Methodist Church) and a solo of Amazing Grace (with an unfamiliar tune but words that we all know). I’m just SO glad that Andy is home from the hospital, since they are no longer allowing visitors. It’s also great to have somebody to hug! Hope your husband is able to be with you soon if he’s not already, Jan. Love to you both!


  4. I myself have decided to get out my sewing machine and start trying to really sew. I can alittle but there is u tube! Working on my paintings and puzzles , but of course worship… So important. People that don’t seek that may not know the hope involved. Those I pray for. It’s so easy to find . I do think that the world will open their hearts and minds to look back to God…He can and does bleed us that follow him…I ask for healing in this time of hardship. Dear Lord, in Jesus name ..Amen


  5. Ironically, and with intentionality, I’m finding myself as much or more connected than in the past year or so! Worship, in any way, shape, or form is meaningful and worthy of a good ol’ ugly-cry! Blessings be upon you and yours!


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