God Loves Blackness

These words – God Loves Blackness – were spelled out in caps in a statement released yesterday from my denomination’s Special Committee on Racism Truth and Reconciliation.  You can read the whole statement here.

Yes, God loves Blackness.  God also loves all the other skin colors and their particular qualities and characteristics – although saying “God loves Whiteness” sounds like something Aryan Nations might chant holding tiki torches.

History alters the meaning of our words and sentiments.

Perhaps you’ve seen the viral video about the little girl who thought she is uglySomebody somewhere has told this child a lie.  And it’s quite possible that she didn’t hear this from a classmate.  She embodied it everytime she didn’t see herself on a toy shelf or in the movies or in storybooks.

Although I’m a broken record, our culture has got to change and not because of political correctness.  Our culture must change because of the Gospel.

Yes, God loves Blackness.  It’s important to point out specifically that God loves Blackness because for centuries the world has taught a different message and that message has been a lie.  That message has destroyed the bodies and souls of millions of God’s children.  God’s priceless, gorgeous, exquisite children who – by grace and intention – are diverse in every way including skin color.

Jesus died for everybody.  I’ll go out on a limb and declare that – if you don’t believe that fact and then try to treat people accordingly – you are in for a huge shock when you meet your Maker.

Images from A Statement from the Special Committee on Racism Truth and Reconciliation in the Presbyterian Church USA, led by Byron Wade and Marta Pumroy and the photo “Alternative Reality” by Chris Buck for O Magazine.

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