Written on the Evening of January 20, 2021

I drove a car much of Inauguration Day so, although I listened to the ceremonies, I didn’t see the faces, the jewel-toned suits, the wind blowing through everyone’s hair.

Not everyone voted for the new President and Vice President. Some who voted for them might not have considered them their first choice. Some were very excited today.

I’m home now, and as I watch some of the coverage of the day, I realize that I find comfort in quieter voices and healing words. I’m grateful for friends with whom I can share my hopes and my dreams of what A More Perfect Union looks like. It looks like Republicans and Democrats sitting together. It looks like the excellence of Amanda Gorman. It looks like a Latina Justice swearing in a Baptist Woman of Color with a Jewish husband.

This looks like The Reign of God to me. It’s less about politics and more about my faith in a God who has put on human skin and crossed boundaries to include those who hadn’t been included before.

Exhausted tonight and grateful to be an American. 🇺🇸

7 responses to “Written on the Evening of January 20, 2021

  1. Brian Tischendorf


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  2. I’m with you Jan!

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  3. Beautifully said. Rest well


  4. Amen!


  5. We all breathed easier, just to know that the adults were in charge again.


  6. Hope you saw Heather’s Facebook post of Charlotte Lakshmi Rao wearing a t-shirt that read My VP Looks Like Me!

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