Auspicious Occasions

HH and I were married on a cloudy day in August. We had not checked the long term weather forecasts when we’d chosen that day ten months before. We only saw that calendars were open and it seemed like a good way to start the month.

I’m learning that in many cultures, occasions are planned according to “the auspices” – certain days determined by the stars and other factors deemed good or not-so-good for a celebration. Actually, we do this in North American culture too – in a way.

There will come a time when couples marry on 9-11 again in this country, but it’s probably a date couples now avoid much like the anniversary of a difficult family event. But just as December 7 was once avoided, future generations might not consider that date’s infamy.

My own faith tradition doesn’t factor in full moons and star alignments (although there was that star that led the Magi to Jesus) and so I’m learning things about what days would be good for our SBC and AJC to marry in India. We are hoping for late March 2022, but COVID has forced two postponements so far. We’ll see.

It occurs to me that – at least in my own understanding of God – any day can be auspicious in the best way. Even a terrible day can be redeemed. Or a random day can become something extraordinary.

  • You’re taking a walk by the river to take a dip and find a baby in the bullrushes.
  • You are in a really bad mood as you set out on a trip and on the way, you hear a Voice that changes your life forever.
  • You’re at a meeting of community organizers and they elect you to be the president of their new group The Montgomery Improvement Association because nobody else will volunteer.

It’s happened to me. It’s happened to you. Sometimes we fail to notice when it’s happening. Instead of noticing that baby or paying attention to that Voice or stepping up when God calls, we go about our own business.

Imagine living each day with the expectation that God might bring someone into our life or speak from the heavens or offer an opportunity. It could happen today.

Have an auspicious week out there.

Image of flower garlands for an Indian wedding.

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