Be Somebody for Somebody Today

The world is a hot mess and everybody seems ticked off. And it’s steamy outside. And politics are making us a little insane. What can be done to bring a splash of relief?

I got to be a “Very Important Reader” recently at one of Charlotte’s Freedom Schools and it was a 30 minute long responsibility. (Note: all it takes to be a VIR is a book and the ability to read it out loud.)

I read Horace and Morris But Mostly Delores to a group of about 40 children and they responded with Freedom School choreographed cheers and songs. I’ve never been welcomed, introduced, and thanked with songs before and it was lovely. They were special, lighthearted somebodies for me on an otherwise heavy day. I needed them.

Today you will come in contact with somebody who needs somebody. Maybe they need somebody to notice them and say ‘hi.’ Maybe they will need somebody to offer friendship for a few minutes. Maybe they will need somebody to help them in some small way.

Or maybe we are the ones who will need somebody to notice us or sit with us or check in with us.

These encounters are holy and when the world is a hot mess, these encounters are life-giving. We can’t solve the world’s complicated divisions and troubles, but we can be somebody for somebody today.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

2 responses to “Be Somebody for Somebody Today

  1. This is why I have made my storytelling top priority in my life. Those first and second graders need me, but I need them even more. We brighten each other’s week. I will turn down other requests for my time just to make sure I show up for those children each week.


  2. I am preaching on “the God who sees” Sunday and you have prompted me to remind ourselves that we can be ones who see, too!


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