Thank You for Everything RevGals

I knew them first as Cheesehead in Paradise, Clever Title Here, Listing Straight, and St Casserole. I was inspired by Reverend Mother and Spooky Rach and NotShyChiRev. Although I wasn’t a founding member, I joined RevGalBlogPals in 2005 and I’m still here writing because of these colleagues.

The board of RevGalBlogPals will be winding down the life of this non-profit on August 31, 2022 after 17 years of offering support and resources for clergywomen and people who support clergywomen. It’s been lovely.

From churches to colleges to small non-profits like the RevGals, sometimes it’s most faithful to close shop and allow for new endeavors to be born. RevGalBlogPals was once the blogging ring for several dozen clergy and it grew to several hundreds. We wrote a book together. We went on trips. I was privileged to be one of the speakers a while back – my first and only cruise.

Thank you for everything. Some of you who read this blog have never heard of them and others of you are my good friends because of them. Thanks especially to leaders Jemma Allen, Julia Seymour, Teri Peterson, Marilyn Pagán-Banks, Libby Spence, Jennifer Garrison Brownell, Rebecca Holland, Sarah Howe Miller, Jia Starr Brown, Angela Shannon, Mary Austin and Martha Spong. You have blessed us.

You changed my life.

You can continue to check out RevGalBlogPals through August 31, 2022 here.

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