Who Are We Setting Up for Success?

This post is dedicated to the Rev. Betty Meadows who set me up for success. Almost five years ago, after she honorably retired, I started my new role as General Presbyter of The Presbytery of Charlotte. I am profoundly grateful for how she prepared the way for me to succeed. May 1st will be my five year anniversary in this incredibly fun call.

She dealt with hard things. She made some people frustrated. She did the work that would allow me to step in and go.

Who are we setting up for success?

Maybe it’s the transitional leader who is preparing the way for a new season in an institutional setting. Maybe it’s the mentor who’s shepherding us to do what we’re called to do. Maybe it’s the parent who is raising us to be resilient, independent, and kind.

It’s the role of every single one of us to prepare another Child of God for success. Who are we setting up for success today?

PS. Thanks Betty.

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