I Am Toast

My Sabbatical begins in 35 days and I am profoundly grateful that . . .

  • I get a Sabbatical.
  • I love my work even though it necessitates a Sabbatical.

The whole world needs a Sabbatical right now to refresh ourselves and stare into space and spend time delighting in all that fills us with joy. It’s moments like these when I covet the European vacation culture. Combined with mandated vacation days, workers in Europe can get as many as 38 days paid time off. And that holiday time contributes to making these nations the happiest countries in the world.

We are in deeply anxious times regardless of our politics, family situations, and financial standing. I don’t need to spell those out details for you.

Yesterday our Presbytery hosted an informal Happy Hour at a local coffee shop and it felt good. It felt good to talk about things like funny things our kids are doing or the upcoming Chelsea-Wrexham “friendly” happening in Chapel Hill in July or whether or not these were the best empanadas we’ve ever had. It refreshed my toastedness, even for just a short bit.

Friends, take in a deep breath and remember what freshly baked bread smelled like. Life can smell like that but it takes intention. What are we doing to create Happy Hours in our lives (and I’m not talking about bar scenes)?

What if we took an hour a day for Happy Time. This is a privilege for those of us without young children or caregiver responsibilities, but honestly, most of us can find a Happy Hour. And thanks be to God for Happy Sabbaticals.

Taking deep breaths over here trying to remember what freshly baked sourdough smells like.

2 responses to “I Am Toast

  1. I have been saying for a while that a day off is the cheapest thing a church can give a pastor to show appreciation and encourage self care. I think churches would be wise to offer the standard four weeks vacation +2 additional Sundays (not weeks Sundays). I think if churches did this, coupled with education, it would go a long ways towards burn out.

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  2. I hope you enjoy your sabbatical! It sounds like it will be a wonderful break from the routine.


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