If We Won’t Be a Global Nation, We Can Still Be a Global Church

white-house-websiteAt the end of a long work day, I see that:

Our reputation as a global nation might be shifting, but we are still called to be a global church because Jesus calls us to make disciples of all nations.  For God so loved the world (not just the United States.)

Sorry for all the hyperlinks.

A global Church seeks to:

  • Speak the language of the people. Thank you PCUSA for printing materials in English, Spanish, and Korean because those are the languages of the people in our congregations.
  • Be stewards of creation.  Thank you PCUSA for encouraging churches to be Earth Care Congregations.
  • Protect the vulnerable.  Thank you PCUSA for appreciating and lifting up the gifts of LGBTQ persons.
  • Seek justice for all. Thank you PCUSA for expanding our ministry to minorities, refugees, and the poor.
  • Remember that it’s not about us.  Thank you for our Reformed theology.  

Now more than ever,  the Church is called to be different, to counter the culture, to be like Jesus in the world.

I’m not giving up on my country.  But it looks like the Church will increasingly need to take the lead in showing the world what God is calling us to be and do.

2 responses to “If We Won’t Be a Global Nation, We Can Still Be a Global Church

  1. Today, and every day, I read the Word and follow Christ. My compass begins and ends with the Word of God. I am grateful to know that no matter what is happening in Hollywood and Washington, DC, My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. All is well. Be at peace.


  2. Thank you for making us think. I hope that we can make our world better.


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